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Handyman Twins - Specifications

Wing Span 36.5 in / 930 mm
Wing Area 346 sq in / 22.3 sq dm
Flying Weight 29 oz / 820g
Fuselage Length 41.5 in / 1055 mm
Radio Required 4-channel radio
Motors Required 2 x KM28251025
ESC Required 2 x 15A brushless ESC
Battery Required 3 cell 11.1V 2200 mAH Li-Po battery
Made of tough CA safe EPO foam.
Counter-rotating props offer full symmetry of airframe for better aerobatic performance.
Pre-set motor thrust angle allows the Twins to stay in air with one functional motor only, that offers a 2nd chance during air combats to survive knockouts.
"Propeller wind" directly over all control surfaces offers exceptional zero air speed maneuvers.
Tail dragger landing gear.
Comes with all hardware for control surfaces and landing gear.
Blue, Red and Yellow color schemes are available.
Decals are provided but not pre-applied, allowing for painting with appropriate paints and customization.

"Pre-assembled Combo" comes with 2 factory installed Outrunner Motor KM28251025 on Radial Mount Adaptors with 8 x 4E Propellers, and 4 micro servos.


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