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Sky Raider Mach II - Engines


Recommended Engines for everyday flying and RCPRO Club 40 (Advanced) Racing

Thunder Tiger PRO .40 Ball Bearing ABN w/Muffler - Buy

SuperTigre GS-40 Dual BB Ringed w/Silent Muffler - Buy


Recommended Engines for newcomers to intermediate sport pilots and RCPRO Club 40 Sport Racing

Thunder Tiger GP .42 ABC w/Muffler - Buy

O.S. 46LA ABN w/Muffler - Buy


Recommended Engines for advanced pilots

Thunder Tiger PRO .46 Ball Bearing ABN w/Muffler - Buy

O.S. 46AX ABL w/Muffler - Discontinued

O.S. 46AX II ABL w/Muffler - Buy

SuperTigre GS-45 Dual BB ABC w/Muffler - Buy

Evolution .46NX Glow Engine with Muffler - Buy


Recommended only for advanced pilots with proper operation

Evolution .52NX Engine with Muffler - Buy

O.S. 55AX ABL w/Muffler - Buy

Evolution .60NX Engine with Muffler - Buy

When using higher displacement and higher performance engines, it is highly recommended that lower pitch props are used to avoid speeds that will overstress the airframe. Exceeding the normal speeds and stress limits can result in airframe failure and is dangerous.

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