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Sky Raider Mach II - Green Scheme ARF Kit

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This is the green color scheme Sky Raider Mach II. The color scheme is printed in the covering material in green and gold on white. The underside is beige and makes orientation easy.

The Sky Raider Mach II is a low wing aerobatic trainer. It has a fully symmetrical airfoil. It is covered in premium ToughLon hand ironed-on covering film. With stable and maneuverable characteristics it is a joy to fly. It comes with all hardware and accessories including the control horns, push rods, landing gear, wheels, engine mount, tank, spinner, and more. The tail dragger landing gear makes taking off and landing easy.

The Sky Raider Mach II is one of the planes approved for    Club 40 Racing.

Model Number: A178NG

Wing Span 54 in / 1370 mm
Wing Area 556 sq in / 35.9 sq dm
Flying Weight 5 lb / 2200 g
Fuselage Length 47.5 in / 1210 mm
Engine Required 2-stroke 0.40 - 0.46
4-stroke 0.52 - 0.72
Radio Required 4-channel radio w/ 4 standard servos
Low wing aerobatic trainer
Fully symmetrical airfoil
Premium hand iron-on covering film
Stable but maneuverable characteristics
Tail dragger landing gear
Comes with all hardware and accessories
Pre-hinged control surfaces

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